The game of keno is similar to bingo to bingo, and as these other two games, is very simple and requires no special skills, it is indeed a game of chance, where if you pull your lucky numbers you can win also very important sums. But let us see what are the rules of online keno.

When you play keno on the internet, always choose a safe online casino, casino avoids strangers and those that offer bonuses with unclear circumstances, if you choose an online casino that AIMS will soon be accessible to all the Italian players, you can be sure to play keno and other casino games in complete safety.

As soon as you start playing online keno, a game board containing 80 numbers on your screen, you do not have to do is choose from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 10 numbers, then it will extract 20, and you can win based on how many of your numbers are actually drawn. To find out what are the payments for each type of win, you can easily check the table located in the lower left.

In online keno you can choose to increase or reduce the cost of the bet, you can choose to bet as low as 25 cents up to a maximum of 5 €, but also a play from just 25 cents you can win large sums of money so easy and fun.

You can also try to play keno for free in some of the best Italian casino online is easy and is the perfect way to start, you can do a little 'practice the mode of play with fake money and go to the keno game with real money only at a later time, then taking advantage of free money to play online keno.

One of the easiest ways to win in online casinos is to play keno, the Eastern version of bingo, it's a game where you choose from 2 to 10 numbers from 1 to 90, and expects to extract 20 winning numbers . Playing keno you can get some great cash prizes, and if you choose the mode in which the proposed progressive jackpot sums at stake are even higher.

Just last week a player from has managed to win at keno almost € 30,000, a sum that will definitely change your life but that allows you to take away a lot of satisfaction, or solve a lot 'of problems, of course not trying to win at keno you system, but if it happens the better. And it just happened to Lucy C., that the version of keno game called Keno Experiment in Casino Belling, an Italian online casino most popular and highest-rich prizes, he won a sum of € 29,465.

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