Slot machines online we have already spoken on other occasions, but why still no real slot machine. The question is inevitable, but still no concrete answers they have heard. What you can say for now is that the ADAMS is working to transform slot machines in bars slot of third generation, by inserting a mechanism to verify the identity of the player.

The attention of AIMS then, apparently, is not exactly directed towards the market of online slot machines, but rather seems to be completely on the slot of the bars. And it is precisely to protect the interests of those who have invested in this area, you are still waiting for the legalization of virtual slots.

At the same time, however, given the importance that slot machines have to collect all the mess, and those online are no exception, operators who have invested in this area however, expect that the slots become legal as soon as possible .

Also because in order to beat competition from casinos. Com slots are needed, it is thought that the vast majority of foreign players in casino unauthorized AIMS, must discard the Italian legal casino just for the chance to play slot machines .

Online slots are still legal, but some months now, the popularity of certain slot machines from bars, Video Lotteries to be exact, is growing constantly, satisfying, at least in part, and at least for now, the demand for slots virtual machine, which eventually will respond online casinos AIMS.

The Video Lottery, whose abbreviation is simply Volts, slot machines are the latest generation of bar, but are more like rooms in some games, where you can usually find not only the classic slot machines for bars, but also many other games with cash prizes, and among these, the video lottery note.

They have video lottery games different from the usual slot machines, sometimes it comes to games like roulette, blackjack, all with the latest touch screen technology, which makes the game faster and more exciting.

The biggest  Video  slot machines from bars most common, is in the amount of winnings, in which video lottery are much higher. To play the video lottery you can wager up to a maximum of 10 € per revolution, because it is impossible for the normal slot bar, which you can bet a maximum of 4 € per revolution.

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