The slot machine slot Agent Max is one of the bars which have been most successful, and you can easily find it in bars, betting shops, tobacco shops located throughout Italy. Like all slot machines for bars, will not take us very high payouts, and richer than you put in your pocket is 100 €.

But we now see how to play slot machines for bars Max Agent To start, after he has pocketed at least one coin from 1 € or 2 €, you have to decide how much to bet on each spin, selecting the numbers 50, 100, 200 or 400, to point from 50 cents up to a maximum of 4 € per revolution of the wheels. At this point you can click on the button to spin the wheel by trying to display on the screen, at least 3 identical symbols, no matter in what position.

The slot machines Agent Max is in fact one of those slots bar where there are no pay lines, and to get a win, simply displaying a minimum of three matching symbols anywhere on reels. More of the same symbols you can see, the higher the payout you get, and it pays to know each of the symbols, you have to do is check the pay table on the left or the bottom where the winnings are marked with the maximum achievable each symbol.

Each round consists of 2 turns of the wheels, so if the first round did not see at least 3 identical symbols, you have a chance to succeed with the second, blocking the symbols you are interested to take, but by changing all the others. In this way you have many more chances of winning at slot machines Agent Max

Among the most important symbols is the symbol of the bomb, which acts as a wildcard expandable, and allows to achieve combinations of symbols, even larger. In fact, if not see the bomb at any point on the screen of the slot machine Agent Max, this will explode transforming all the symbols adjacent to it, in the symbol that is mostly present at that moment. You'll get a big win so immediate.

Another way to get some good wins at the slot machines in bars Agent Max, is displayed on the second and fourth wheels, the two agents 007, and if the criminal is on the middle reel with half metal face, you automatically put in the pocket of excellent cash prizes.

Generally, when the slot machines Agent Max pays a big win, it just means you're lucky, but at that time the slot is being paid, because obviously it is a bit 'that there are ambulate chips, but still wins bestowed are few, and the slot is full.

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